Competitor Call Center Analysis

Taking a Closer Look at your Industry Competition Competitive Analysis Solutions are designed to objectively compare your company with your competition. We provide an impartial means to measure and compare your company’s strengths and weaknesses against those of your market competition.

After identifying your principal industry competitors, we work together with you to define common elements of customer service and quality. A competitive analysis program is then set up to contact you and your competition on a regularly scheduled basis, much like our call center evaluation service. Each contact is rated on a common scoring format, one that will fairly measure the call center service provided by both you and your competitors.

Along with detailed call analysis and summary call reporting for in-depth comparative analysis, each contact generates an assessment form that evaluates each individual call. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, reliable industry data is essential in order to thrive. For both you and your competition, the customer call center is the vital core to your business to both existing and potential customers. A well organized competitive analysis program can keep your business ahead of your closest competitors and make your call center team the best in the industry.